An artist and an activist


February 24, 2014 by Mojisola Adebayo

Speaking out against Nigeria’s draconian anti-same sex laws at Nigeria House.

One thought on “An artist and an activist

  1. Charlotte Fitz-Harris says:

    Hi Mojisola,

    I was in your Queer and Feminist theatre Class at Goldsmiths during my second year at University three years ago. I absolutely loved your class, it really left a lasting impression on me.
    I am beginning an MA at Goldsmiths this coming September in Comparative literature and would be very grateful if I could put you as an academic reference. Please let me know if this is ok.

    All the best,
    Charlotte Fitz-Harris.

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Mojisola Adebayo: Plays Two

Plays Two…

“The plays collected here showcase Adebayo’s varied talents through her unflinching political writing about race, gender, sex and sexuality, feminist history and politics. With settings spanning from South Africa to the Middle East, the United States, a mythical kingdom, South London and outer space, the five plays included are:

I Stand Corrected
Asara and the Sea-Monstress
Oranges and Stones (previously 48 Minutes for Palestine)
The Interrogation of Sandra Bland

Mojisola Adebayo: Plays One

Mojisola Adebayo Plays One

Plays One is…

A collection of plays from Mojisola Adebayo, actor, writer, director, producer, workshop facilitator and teacher.

Plays included in this collection are:

Desert Boy
Matt Henson: North Star
Muhammad Ali and Me
Moj of the Antarctic: An African Odyssey

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