Asara and the Sea-Monstress comes to Albany Theatre!


May 26, 2014 by Mojisola Adebayo

Asara and the Sea-Monstress is a play I wrote for children and families through Birmingham REP and Unicorn, with dramaturgy by Caroline Jester. Asara tells the story of a left-handed girl growing up in a mythical right-handed Kingdom. The play draws on folk tales and myths from Nigeria and Scandinavia, with cartoon animation, puppetry, music, dance and British Sign Language and a cast of 10, this show is my most ambitious yet! I’m delighted to announce that Albany are presenting a work-in-progress performance on August 1st as part of Hatched. Watch this space for booking details!



2 thoughts on “Asara and the Sea-Monstress comes to Albany Theatre!

  1. Tina Fellows says:

    Hi mojo sola plan to bring to the Albany my almost 6yr old – azariah who happens to be left handed and loves fairy tales. You could of almost written this play for her! Look forward to seeing your work.

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